Dtonic Inc. specializes in
Spatio-temporal Big Data1)
based on GIS + ICT Technology.
1) Spatio-temporal big data is the data objects or elements
    that have geographical information present
    and can be expressed in dimensions such as GPS coordinates.
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business iconIntroducing Our Business
Expanding Geospatial Big Data business domain
from Software to Service
Big data collection technology
Road weather big data
Traffic safety big data
Big data collection
Big data processing
Geospatial big data operation
Data analysis engine
GeoHiker service
MMS service
Mobile membership
Real-time CRM
Alrio service
Alrio leaflet

S/W iconSoftware Development History
As Of 2018. 01.
Date Subject Client Classification
2014. 1 Proof of concept for North American big-data of Hyundai Motors Probe Car Hyundai Motor Company
Geo-Spatial Big-Data
2014. 4 Development of context aware telematics service based on speech recognition Hyundai MOBIS
Media ZEN
Geo-Spatial Big-Data
2014. 7 Research on commercialization of intelligent vehicles Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning(MSIP)
Geo-Spatial Big-Data
2014. 9 Improving driver safety through image analysis and improving real-time mapDB S/W R&D Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
Vehicle IT Convergence Association
Geo-Spatial Big-Data
2014. 12 Standardization of wireless communication protocol of bus embarkment information system for vulnerable users MSIP
National Radio Research Agency
2015. 6 Establishment of business information open system Ministry of the Interior(MOI)
National Information Society Agency(NIA)
Geo-Spatial Big-Data
2015. 6 Establishment of open vehicle information collection system and development of road condition prediction model Korea Meteorological Administration(KMA)
Weather Information Service Engine(WISE)
Geo-Spatial Big-Data
Road Weather
2015. 7 A Study on utilization of big data by TS Korea Transportation Safety Authority (TS)
Geo-Spatial Big-Data
2016. 3 Navigation big data analysis pilot study Hyundai MnSoft
Geo-Spatial Big-Data
2016. 3 Establishment of a mobile vehicle observation information DB and evaluation of usability KMA
Geo-Spatial Big-Data
Road Weather
2016. 6 Big-data-based shopping mall database open system upgrade operation SEMAS
Geo-Spatial Big-Data
2016. 6 A study on disaster safety for high-rise and multi-complex buildings Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport(MOLIT)
Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement(KAIA)
Geo-Spatial Big-Data
2016. 6 Development of traffic accident investigation and consulting system TS
Geo-Spatial Big-Data
2017. 4 Development of Prediction Technology of Road Surface Risks Using Weather Data Big Data KMA
Korea Meteorological Institute(KMI)
Geo-Spatial Big-Data
Road Weather
2017. 4 Real-time rainfall information production technology using rain sensor big data KMA
Kangwon National University(KNU)
Geo-Spatial Big-Data
Road Weather
2017. 4 A study on road risk spark fusion search using road weather and road surface deformation information KMA
Myongi University
Geo-Spatial Big-Data
Road Weather
2017. 5 Development of wireless vehicle communication and traffic data machine learning analysis system to improve cooperative autonomous driving performance MSIP
Institute for Information & communications Technology Promotion(IITP)
Geo-Spatial Big-Data
2017. 7 Research on new services and pilot analysis based on national traffic big data Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport(MOLIT)
Korea Expressway Corporation(KEC)
Geo-Spatial Big-Data
2017. 7 Regional meteorological convergence service standardization of service development in agriculture KMA
2017. 10 Development of an across-the-board business life cycle intelligent marketing support platform for small business owners Ministry of Science and ICT(MSIT)
Geo-Spatial Big-Data
2017. 11 Korea-France cooperation project of development of multi-channel V2X communication data processing technology for autonomous vehicles Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
Geo-Spatial Big-Data
2018. 3 Analysis of weather characteristics and climate change trends in Jeju Island KMA
Geo-Spatial Big-Data
2018. 6 Development of smart farmer livelihood decision-marketing platform based on weather information Airtech
Geo-Spatial Big-Data
Smart Farm
2018. 6 Development of a system to improve vulnerable user's traveling on public transportation by using deep learning National Research Foundation of Korea(NRF)
Geo-Spatial Big-Data
2018. 6 Real-time processing of remote management streaming data of wind power plants Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction
Gurum Networks
Geo-Spatial Big-Data
2018. 8 Refinement and ability test of aerospace big data platform data modeling Korea Aeropace Research Institute(KARI)
Geo-Spatial Big-Data
2018. 9 Participation in business consultation for big data platform enhancement of Korea Airports Corporation Korea Airports Corporation(KAC)
Neighbor System
Geo-Spatial Big-Data
2018. 10 Korea Airport Corporation's big data platform enhancement KAC
Geo-Spatial Big-Data
2018. 10 Development of a big data machine learning platform technology for production road weather information 7 countries, 24 institutions
(Ministry of Industry, Eureka R&D)
Geo-Spatial Big-Data
Road Weather
2018. 10 Weather information utilizing apple farming management system KMI
Geo-Spatial Big-Data
2018. 10 Development of weather service for producing high quality dates in Boeuncounty Cheongju Weather Administration
Geo-Spatial Big-Data
2018. 12 Establishment of masterplan for fine dust -free special district for city of Bucheon’s Smart-City City of Bucheon
Geo-Spatial Big-Data
Road Weather
2019. 05 Development of AI-based signal control system for self-driving National Police Agency
Geo-Spatial Big-Data
Future Mobility
2019. 05 Drone image real-time big data processing system Korea Aerospace Research Institute
Geo-Spatial Big-Data
Future Mobility
2019. 05 Environment/drone big data center Korea Environment Corporation
Geo-Spatial Big-Data
1)C-ITS: Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems.

geohiker iconGeoHiker: Geospatial Big Data Analysis Solution
High-speed processing, effective analysis, optimized decision-making
  • Low cost, highly efficient processing through spatio-temporal data indexing and distributed processing technology
    (50x Cost Effective, 40x Faster use-case)
  • Supports emory based high-speed distributed parallel processing
  • Optimized application for various professional fields utilizing spatio-temporal data such as road weather, traffic, bio-tech and smart farm
GeoHiker Platform
text iconFast Introduction Support
  • 100% compatibility with Hadoop framework allows fast and loading to existing big data system
  • Customized technology and data engineering support

geohiker iconGeoHiker - Key Features
Optimized spatio-temporal big data collection·storage
data indexing technology of
geospatial big data
big data collection and storage
High-speed spatio-spatial big data operations and
machine learning
In-memory based distibuted parallel processing and machine learning technology that supports real-time processing of geospatial bif data
machine learning work
Flexible workflow in order to provide wide variety of analysis
Easy workflow management for collection, preprocessing, machine learning, inquiry, statistics etc.
Insight Support
text iconHigh compatibility and scalability with Hadoop Eco, OGC Standards,
   multi-language development support etc.
  • Geospatial data processing through OGC Simple Feature support
  • Multi-language development support (R, Scala, Python, Java etc.) and data format support

geohiker iconGeoHiker - Function T
GeoHiker - Function T
Provides various general statistical
  • Data checking, filtering
    (mean/median/user-defined/Min-, Max-
    Threshold, IIR, FIR, High/Low, etc.
  • Correlation, Anova
  • Linear-Regression
  • t-Test, z-Test
Provides necessary analysis functions for
specialized industries
  • Over 50+ Spatio-temporal analysis fuction
    (Geometry Constructors, Spatial Relationships. etc.)
  • Machine learning
    (Supervised/Un-Supervised, Reinforcement)
  • Over 30+ Variable AlgorithmM
    (Clustering, Classification, Regression, Anomaly, detection, etc.)

geohiker iconGeoHiker - Key Business Categories
Continous expansion to industries in possession of geospatial data
(such as vehicle and weather industries)
traffic image
  • MVP and Discovery of New Service Utilizing National Traffic Big Data (private and public)
    (2017, MLIT - EX)
  • Nationwide Industrial Vehicle DTG Data and Driver Information Big Data Processing and Analysis - Transportation Safety Consulting Service
    (2016~, TS)
  • Real-time Communication Big Data Processing and Analysis for C-ITS and V2X
    (2017~, IITS, Hyundai Motor Company, Hyundai Mobis)
  • Autonomous Vehicle's Multi-channel Big Data Processing and Analysis
    (2017~, Joint project with France)
c-its/v2x image
road weather&weather image
Road Weather & Weather
  • Mobile Vehicle Based Road Weather Information Collection and Analysis
    (2015~, KMA, WISE2020)
  • Big Data Analysis of Weather Characteristics in Jeju Island
    (2018, Jeju Meteorological Administration)
real-time map image
Real-time Map
  • Vehicle Blackbox Video Analysis based Real-time map safety DB Update
    (2016, PLK Techmogoly, IITP)
useage based modeling image
Usage Based Modeling
  • Big Data Analysis for Car Navigation Users
    (2016, Hyundai Mnsoft)
  • Big Data Analysis for Shop Owners
    (2016~, SEMAS, IITP)

alrio iconAlrio Service
Membership based Mobile Marketing platform, Alrio Service
text iconMain features
  • Allows you to check whether the customer has clicked on a leaflet contained in the MMS sent to them (patent pending)
  • Establish and operate your own membership system based on your customer database
  • Manage the analysis about customer behavior (real-time mobile CRM function)
  • You can manage your customer database directly
    (most Internet/mobile providers cannot provide customer databases)
  • Alrio leaflet offers (or connects to) various functions such as product introductions, commerce, surveys, discount coupons
  • No need to install separate apps to use Alrio service
  • No specific Internet domain address to operate Alrio service
Membership management and marketing, all in one place
You can easily manage your membership and check the results of
your marketing with the monitoring function.

Enabled bulk customer database registration,
contact number group management,
active clients' contact number filtering,
unsubscribed client management,
and overall membership management.
Functions provided
  • Big data based analysis and statistics
  • Complex and detailed analysis by using demographic information
  • Customers can use their membership simply by subscribing without
    a separate sign up or login process
Affordable pricing > Advanced statistical analysis > Marketing consulting > Membership management

alrio iconAlrio Service Features
  • Client database management
  • High-quality image/Alrio leaflet creation
  • Mass send MMS
  • Real-time big data analysis
  • Mobile marketing consulting
alrio process

alrio iconAlrio Product Composition
MMS sending consultation
  • LMS
  • MMS
Alrio leaflet producing consultation
Marketing consultation
Sending MMS
080 phone number to unsubscribe
  • Authentication number type
  • Stand-alone type
Customer MMS read receipt
Configuring Environment
  • Membership function Install / Pre-Analysis
Producing Alrio leaflet
  • Real-time customer participation information
Statistical analysis /
Membership management
  • Analysis of customer by characteristic
  • Statistics based on big data analysis
  • Demographical analysis based on age, gender, job
Alrio admin site

ABOUT Dtonic
"Let's Tonic Data!!"
  • Dtonic is a big data company specialized in treating spatial big data and performing geometrical analysis
  • Spin-off from Hyundai Motor Company in 2014
  • We provide an easy and simple platform for big data collection, storing, processing, analyzing, and machine learning for data scientists
    (For Data Scientist)
  • 2014. 7. 1. Company Established
  • 2014. 8. Venture enterprise registration
  • 2015. 6. Laboratory Accredited
  • 2015. 7. Launched 1lmlie App trial service (Gwangju)
  • 2016. 10. Selected as a specialized research company by the Military Manpower Administration
  • 2017. 4. Alrio development and service launch
  • 2017. 4. Yangyoung Digital High School Industry-University Cooperation Agreement
  • 2017. 11. Selected as an excellent company for weather management
  • 2017. 12. Selected as a promising ICT company (K-Global 300)
  • 2018. 3. Meteorological Business Registration
  • 2018. 4. Changed company name to Dtonic Corporation
  • 2018. 4. Appointed additional CEO (Richard Jun)
  • 2018. 10. Certification of Venture Business Certification
Business field
  • LBS/GIS S/W Development
  • S/W Solution based on Geospatial Big Data
  • Membership based Mobile marketing platform service (Alrio)

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